National Grandparent’s Day with Incredibundles

My kids love receiving and opening gifts! (What kid doesn’t?) But as a mom, I love when the gifts we give and receive are items that are high quality and will last past that first day of new toy infatuation.

When it comes to holidays/birthdays I am always having to make lists of baby products and age appropriate books and toys for my kids to share with family, especially the doting grandparents in our lives. I wish I had known about Incredibundles since I had Eli because it really could have simplified things! I know my parents always want to give their grandkids the perfect gift so they can watch their faces light up with joy and kind of re-live those precious moments they had with their own kids when they were little!, curates award-winning products for babies and kids and bundles them together in a cute reusable storage containers, making the perfect gift! They features lots of creative pre-made bundles, or there is a create-your-own selection if you’re feeling creative!

This month we got our custom Incredibundle with a gift for each kid and they were so happy it was adorable! They loved opening the gift container, and it’s now proudly displayed in Eli’s room storing some toys in it (including the resounding hit farm animal puppets with got in our bundle!) If you want to just die of cuteness let your 4 year old and 2 year old put on a puppet show for your baby- heart melted!

We chose interactive gifts like the puppets so they can play with the toys and another person (hello grandma and grandpa!) or sit down and read a book with them. We got Bear Snores On for a fun read!

We will be celebrating National Grandparents Day this year by bringing over some little gifts to them, but also sharing the gift of time together to play and bond. How are you spending National Grandparents Day?! You can head to my Instagram to enter a fun giveaway with!

*This post in sponsored by Incredibundles but all opinions are my own. We always choose to work with companies I truly love and recommend!


Mornings with Ollie

Stylish wooden playgym for babies |

We have our fair share of light during the midnight sun Alaskan summer time we enjoy. My soul is filling up on vitamin D and can hopefully store it away for winter because it’s too long for its own good. I’ve been waking up early to work before the “big kids” (they’re not really big right?!) wake up in the morning and if Ollie is awake too I’ll open up the blinds to let the light flood in and he plays with his little toy gym while I finish up some work. He really is a dream baby. His 4 months here on earth have flown by and I can hardly believe he’s already grabbing at toys and squealing in delight! How did this happen? I don’t know but it’s the cutest thing ever!

His wooden play gym is from Finn + Emma and we both just love it! I mean I was sold at mini vikings to be honest, but I’m always trying to find toys that aren’t plastic and gaudy, so this light and sleek design of this play gym ticked all my boxes. The little viking toys on that hang from the toy bar are darling and Oliver loves the rattle noises they make. They’re hand knit by an artisanal women’s collective in Peru (so cool!). I also love that when he’s not using it we can easily tuck it away next to a dresser, and then bring it out for him to play with instead of having something occupying at least 30% of my living room floor.

You can get 10% off Finn + Emma’s organic clothes and toys by clicking through HERE. Their clothes are also adorable and so soft. I was just looking at this old photo of Izze in one of their rompers the other day and having another mind blown moment: how are my kids growing up so fast?!

How do you do mornings at your house? Has your schedule totally changed with it being the summertime? I feel like the first year of a baby’s life you are constantly shifting schedules as their sleep changes and that combined with the summer has left me feeling constantly on my toes. We are just trying to slow down and enjoy a calmer paced day. These mornings where I get some one-on-one time with Oliver are so sweet and really helping me do that.

*this post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own

30 Weeks | Pink Blush Maternity

Hello third trimester! I am, for the record, bigger than I’ve ever been before but trying to remember all the wise motherly things I’ve learned from having two babies. How this time and stage are temporary, how my body is and will be changing even more in this next year, and that it’s ok and that I need to have patience.

Meanwhile none of my clothes are fitting, and I needed some new maternity clothes stat, because Christmas is the time for family and photos and events, and as much as I love my husband’s sweatshirt I can’t just wear it everywhere I go 😉

I got this burgundy maxi dress from Pink Blush Maternity to wear for Christmas Sunday and fell madly in love with it. Turns out it’s the most comfortable dress in the world! Usually when I get home these days it’s off with most of my clothes and into whatever is comfiest, but I kept this dress on almost all day because it was so dang comfortable. I also got this hoodie, which is equally comfy and cute, and I think I’ll be able to wear it post-baby too. I love it when pregnancy clothes can double as my best friends for the next few months post baby.

I think this is the point where people say “this pregnancy has flown by,” but for me it’s still been slow going. I am so thankful I’m not super sick every day now though and I remind myself to count my blessings and say a prayer of thanks every time I think of those long sick days.

Really 2 months isn’t long at all! My nesting urge has kicked in STRONG and we are quickly trying to finish a bunch of home projects. There was a time a few months ago I thought peeling the ugly wall paper in our rental was the best idea ever. Poor Dan! There’s a lot more work to do but at least the wall paper is gone and paint is in our future. White paint. Hallelujah!

My midwife appointments will move to twice a month, and at my last one I got to check out the new suits at our birth center. I don’t know if I’ll get to birth there or at the hospital, but it’s great to get in the mindset and start thinking about what birth for this third baby will be like. WE ARE HAVING A BABY IN 2 MONTHS! It’s January now, I can say that 😉


*Head to my instagram to enter to win a $75.00 gift card to Pink Blush, because you’re gorgeous and it’s a New Year and you deserve some new clothes. Go get it girl!

2016 One Second a Day Video

At the start of 2016 one of my resolutions was to take move videos of our family. I decided to try the one second a day app, and this project has been one of my favorite things of the year! It helped me to take way more than just a second of video a day and capture so many sweet memories of my family. I will forever be grateful we started doing this and cannot wait to continue in the future.

This year Dan got his Masters, we moved from Calgary, AB back to Anchorage, AK, we found out we are having another baby! I love that I can see it all in a little video just over 6 minutes. We would mash the clips together throughout the year and watch in awe at how everyone was changing. We recorded adventures, way too many videos of the kids (and not enough of mama), and bath time is clearly my go to video time.

Goodbye 2016! You were a good one.

2016 Christmas Card

Sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite traditions! I always think it’s such a great way to connect with loved ones and friends from afar, but also a great way to see our family grow and change each year. I was so excited about sending Christmas cards this year because Eli absolutely loves sending and receiving mail! When I saw these cards and envelopes from Tiny Prints I knew we had to have them because they look like they’re coming from the North Pole.

I love the custom options they offer and this year I tried out one of their glitter cards and was so happy with how they turned out! Bonus: the glitter doesn’t get all over everything which is a holiday miracle on it’s own.

We made our way out to the mailbox in the zero degree weather to send off the cards and Eli was so thrilled to be sending them it was adorable. I was going to bring my camera out to take pictures of that but I couldn’t stand to not be wearing gloves! Brrr!

Tiny Prints is still offering 30% off everything with code HOLLYJOLLY unitl 12/18 so if you haven’t gotten your cards yet definitely go check them out.

Merry Christmas to you all!

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own, and as always I only recommend companies I truly love

Spring Classics for Bumbelou Collaboration


I’m so excited to share my latest collaboration with you! I teamed up with Jenna from Bumbelou for their curated collection project and designed this beautiful set of hair bows!


I wanted to design something that would celebrate Spring but that would also be timeless. I love the neutral grey stripe bow as the perfect accessory to go with any outfit.


The mini roses as the perfect little accent to add to any ensemble. I wish I had known about them when I had first had Isabelle because they’re absolutely perfect! Not too big, not too small, and just the cutest little flower with little sage green leaves.



Not only are these hair bows the cutest, but 10% of all Bumbelou profits are given to Compassion International, one of the highest-ranked leading non-profits in the world.

The set is a limited time collection available this week only! From March 28th to April 3rd and available to purchase HERE. If you use the code: SAVEWITHANNE you can get 10% off your order!

Easter Dresses for Your Little One

Can you believe Easter is already next week? It’s not too late to get the perfect Easter Sunday outfits for you little ones if you haven’t already! I’m loving every second of getting to pick out girly stuff this year for Isabelle, so I’m sharing my favorite picks with you here!

Four Reasons Your Baby Needs Freshly Picked Moccasins


I’ve shared about Freshly Picked here on the blog multiple times but today I wanted to expound on my reasons a bit, and why they should be reasons for you too!

1) They’re freaking cute

There is no denying how adorable these look on little baby feet! From tiny newborn to walking toddler they are just so cute! There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from, and Freshly Picked is always coming out with new releases, each better than the next. They have classic neutrals, bold colors, and shiny metallics, basically anything your heart could desire. I’ve loved them for both my boy and girl.

2) They actually stay on your baby’s feet!

Ain’t nobody got time to be searching a parking lot or grocery store for shoe’s that have fallen off your kids feet. We just don’t! I remember doing this for Eli as a baby and thinking “THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!” Enter Freshly Picked moccasins. They stay on better than any other shoe I’ve tried for my kids. Even the crib moccasins which are meant for newborns stay on! I had them for Izze and loved them, and bonus, those fit her feet for more than three months.

3) They’re easy for kids to walk in

When your baby is first learning to walking it can be a wobbly experience at best. When they’re cruising around outside and you’re terrified they’re going to eat it, you don’t need some shoe with a giant rubber sole to make things harder on them. The soft leather of Freshly Picked soft sole moccasins make it easier for your baby to feel the ground when they’re walking. Eli started walking when he was 9.5 months old and I was dying over it, new mom totally nervous dying. It gave me extra comfort to see him walking around easily in his moccasins. Plus, I love how their foot print gets left in the sole of the shoe. I’ve kept Eli’s first walking pair as a keepsake. Now that Izze is on her way to cruising I’m glad to know she’s got the shoes that won’t hold her back.
4) Quality over quantity

You might be thinking, these are all great things, but these shoes are a little expensive. Here’s the deal though. I really don’t need my baby to have 20 different pairs of shoes. I actually don’t even really need my baby having 5 different pairs of shoes. (Although see point 1, they’re so cute I kind of wish we had 5 different pairs of these shoes!) We like to keep things simple and minimal, one to two pairs of shoes for each kid. When I have a shoe that is cute, actually stays on their feet, easy to walk in, and quality made with quality materials, I don’t need to buy a bunch of sub par shoes. For me I’m saving money not buying a bunch of cheaper shoes.

So that’s the low down on our favorite baby shoes! Go check them out!


Teething and the Flu

Whew, this week has not been an easy one. Eli is teething and I’ve had an unlucky bout with the flu. Looking on the bright side of things though, Eli’s two front teeth have almost all the way broken through, my flu is on the mend, and it hasn’t caught on to Eli or Dan *knock on wood*.

So I’m trying to play catch up, and first on the list was so announce the Freshly Picked giveaway winner. You can find the winner on the original posting.

So, onward and upward and hopefully for the better! Maybe I’ll even get dressed in real clothes tomorrow 😉 How is your week going so far?

4 Things

1. These burgers we made from this Pioneer Woman recipe. They will light your fire and are so so good. They may need to make a reappearance around the Super Bowl.

2. These baby shoes I thrifted for Eli, and then he had a crazy foot growth spurt and in a week they didn’t fit anymore. 🙁

3. The photos from our trip to Lake Louise I can’t wait to share on the blog but haven’t had the time to upload etc. due to a teething baby. Come on tooth, just pop out already!

4. This. All day everyday. Except I swear I put him in clothes sometimes…