Hello 2016

It’s 21 days into the New Year, does that even qualify as “New Years” anymore? Have most people dropped their resolutions at this point? I feel like the gym is getting less crowded every day.

Anyways, WHO CARES?! 
It’s 2016! Hello 2016, it’s me, Anne. 
I have big plans for you. 2015 was actually fantastically great in a lot of ways (Isabelle’s birth I’m talking to you). It was also the year I gave myself a break. There was a new baby and a toddler very confused about the new baby, and moves, and time’s where my husband was gone for far too long, and it was hard. I needed to give myself a break last year. 
But this year is the year for me to get back to work! 
This is my year to get back into running and healthy eating and loose my baby weight. Which isn’t really all baby weight, it’s like 40% baby weight, 30% stress eating, 10% I couldn’t work out last pregnancy, and 20% went to chic-fil-a too many times when we lived in Texas for the summer. 
This is my year to get back into blogging and really record memories for myself and our little family. 
This is my year to read more books. To get back into designing more. To take care of myself. To focus on being a better mother and better wife. 
There are so many things I want to work on, and not because I want to glorify being busy or overwhelm myself, but because I want to better myself and more fully reach the potential that I have. And the best part is, I’m really excited about it! 
So, hello 2016, let’s do this!

Here’s Why in 2015 I’m Giving Myself a Break

Hey 2015, nice to see you!

This year like every year I’ve got plans to sit down and make some goals. I have to admit, last year’s list was lofty for me and I am happy to say I accomplished a lot of them! I ran a half marathon, I started a business, I was pregnant and growing our family! Such exciting stuff. I also experienced loss, and failure, and tough times that I didn’t know how to wade through.

As I waded through the tough times I realized how hard I was being on myself for little things. Like the house that just wasn’t getting cleaned, or the photos that were just never being uploaded, the toddler who watched tv multiple times in a day because I was so sick, etc. etc.

So this year, before I make all the plans and all the goals, I’m making one big all encompassing goal:


This year is going to be busy, with moves, and having a brand new baby, and stints of being a single mother, and I know they are coming. I know I’ll have wonderful and amazing moments, mixed with moments of struggle and trials, and I want to prepare myself ahead of time. I want me to know it’s okay!

I’m going to try my best, and work my butt off, and I’m also going to have days where I can’t even remember when I last washed my hair, and I’m so tired my eyes will hurt. It’s okay. It’s okay to cry! It’s okay to stay in pajamas all day. It’s okay if you don’t make an amazing dinner. It’s okay.

So that’s it! Plain and simple. I want to give myself more of a break this year. I think we (especially women) expect so much of ourselves that we hurt ourselves in the long run if we don’t break away from them every once in a while. So my goal is to try to give myself a break, be a littler nicer to me!

I hope you all had a great New Years! 2015 is going to be such an exciting year! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! We are still in vacation mode over here. We rang in 2015 with sparklers and sparkling cider, games with my family, and accidentally watched Pit Bulls New Years Rockin’ Eve of some sort instead of the ball drop haha. So far, we are off to a good start!


I’ve been thinking what I want to focus on for the New Year, or what goals I should have. I always choose these lofty goals, a long list, and it’s too complicated. I do some of it, I don’t do some of it, but mostly it’s forgotten by February. It’s not that I’m not working on things, but there’s always something new to do, right? Always something new to aspire to, and what I really want to do is focus on right now. Live in the moment. Enjoy every last second of now. Be happy, now! I want to enjoy playing for hours on the floor with Eli instead of worrying that I need to get x,y,&z done. I want to savor that moment when the baby is finally asleep and Dan and I get to lay down on the couch together in the evening. Now is the best time to enjoy things. Now is the best time to accomplish things. *An old proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” Now is the best time to start something new. So, now, is my focus for 2014.

*got this from here, along with other great things to ponder!

Happy New Year!

I can honestly and easily say that 2013 was the best year of my life thus far. Becoming a mother to sweet baby Eli, and becoming a parent with my best friend in the world has filled my heart to capacity. This has been a year of changes, accomplishments, and sometimes struggles. But if I am constantly learning any lesson, it’s that these things are necessary in life for us to grow. I hope 2014 is full of more of the same. Time is seriously flying. Happy New Year!

Oh Hey 2013

New Years really snuck up on us this year. We’re just back in Idaho and recovering from travel and vacation fun. Took me until late Monday afternoon to even realize it was New Years Eve, so I sent Dan an emergency-buy-some-sparkling-cider-text so we could toast to 2013 at midnight. That’s exactly what we did. Then we celebrated the New Year by finally seeing the Hobbit and indulging the bump in some Cafe Rio. And of course some goal making. What is a New Year without new goals?
2013 Goals
Learn more
Get rid of clutter
Take risks
Have patience
Be a great mom

That last one really consumes me. The best part of 2012 was most definitely finding out about our new addition and having him join us in 2013 will undoubtedly be the best part of this year! If all other resolutions and goals fell by the wayside but this one I’d be ok. I just want to be the best mama I can to this little guy. There are many feelings of nervousness and excitement as I think of Dan and I stepping into our roles as parents, but I couldn’t ask for a better companion for the challenge. Happy New Year to you all!

Happy 2012!

Obviously this post is 5 days late, good thing no procrastination was not on my list of resolutions this year. To be honest I would like to go back to Christmas vacation land and re-live that time over again, but since I can’t I will just have to take on 2012. So far it’s been lots of working, time with Dan, homemade thai food, movies on our projector, reading Three Cups of Tea, and fighting a cold thing that just won’t go away. Here are some resolutions:
-Read more. To quantify this so I have a specific goal I want to read 10 books this year. And the more the merrier so hopefully I can go above and beyond!
-Run more. Specifically I want to do my first half marathon this year. I’ve been looking at different races, but still haven’t decided on “the one” because I want Dan to be there for support and he’s got a crazy summer ahead. So TBA!
-Create more. Work more on my own personal designs, art, photography etc. Work each day and be creative. This may include a new blog in my future. And more work ethic. So stay tuned.
-Posture. Sit up straight. The End.
Happy New Year!