Lake Minnewanka – Our First Outing with Izze

These photos are from our first real outing as a family of four after Izze was born. We wanted to get some fresh air in the mountains so we headed out to one of our favorite places in Banff, Lake Minnewanka. It’s not a long walk from where you park to the lake, so it’s great for letting a toddler roam and get out their wiggles. Plus, once you’re down to the lake there are endless amounts of rocks to be thrown in the water. Eli was in heaven! It was nice to see him so cheerful and in his element after such a huge change with a new baby in the house. He looked so cute in his little backpack he had just gotten for his second birthday. I think he wanted to pack all the rocks home in it. 
Izze stayed fast asleep wrapped to mama and I enjoyed those delicious newborn baby snuggles while we roamed the lake side with Eli. We took to the trail and did a very minimal amount of hiking because snack time waits for no man. We had some snacks and made our way back to the car because Eli was getting tired and Izze was starting to wake. I nursed Izze in the car and we pulled double diaper changing duty out of the back of the Subaru. It was the perfect mini adventure for our first outing with two kids. I think Dan and I may have joked about having survived it as we drove home, but really looking back I can’t remember feeling stressed about it. I’m so thankful for this sweet little family that are all mine. 
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Solly Baby GIVEAWAY!

From day one with my first baby, the Solly Baby wrap has been one of the favorite and most used tools to take care of my baby. I love keeping my babies close enough to kiss, and this soft beautiful wrap is the best for that! It’s soft and stretchy and super easy to use. I can hardly believe how tiny Izze looks in this photo on our first outing as a family after her birth. She slept right through it all comfy cozy next to mama in the wrap.


I’ve been wanting to start sharing my baby favorites with you all, and today I’m so excited to say I’ve teamed up with Solly Baby to giveaway a wrap to one of you!

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Wear Them

No trip to Alaska is complete without a little drive to feast your eyes on the beauty that is Cook Inlet. So me and the sisters (+Eli) did just that! There was freezing cold wind that was killer that we braved and I feel like it was worth it. I toted Eli around all week in our Sakura ring sling and it’s for sure my new favorite! I got a bit out of baby wearing due to the inconvenience of strapping on my toddler sized baby. Then this teething and sick clingy baby convinced me it was time to get this ring sling, and I am so so happy we did! It’s a breeze and we both love it. I cherish every single close moment I can get with this baby boy, and so far it’s providing so many of those moments. Like the one above at Beluga Point, with the mountains that fill my soul!

*ps I’ve gotten better at using it since these! haha although I have to say he was snug as a bug with our quick in and outs of the car in the cold wind