Solly Baby GIVEAWAY!

From day one with my first baby, the Solly Baby wrap has been one of the favorite and most used tools to take care of my baby. I love keeping my babies close enough to kiss, and this soft beautiful wrap is the best for that! It’s soft and stretchy and super easy to use. I can hardly believe how tiny Izze looks in this photo on our first outing as a family after her birth. She slept right through it all comfy cozy next to mama in the wrap.


I’ve been wanting to start sharing my baby favorites with you all, and today I’m so excited to say I’ve teamed up with Solly Baby to giveaway a wrap to one of you!

You can enter by visiting the Solly Baby shop and leaving a comment here on my blog with your favorite color wrap! You can also enter on Instagram (see this photo for details). Winner will be drawn and announced next Monday, good luck!

The Cutest Baby Dresses at Old Navy Right Now

The shopaholic in me can’t help but browse through baby clothes all the time even when we don’t need to buy things, so I figured I would start sharing things I love here from time to time. One of my biggest weaknesses is browsing the adorable baby dresses at Old Navy, so here are my favorite picks from there right now. The images above are linked so click a dress if you like it to get the details. I got Isabelle this Striped Empire waist dress and it’s so cute! (AND only $10) I’m kind of sad I ordered a size up because I want her to be able to wear it already. Anyways, happy browsing friends!

DIY Baby Projects

I’ve been eyeing some different DIY project for baby girl and I’m excited to get my sowing machine back out. I’m a pretty novice sower, but these projects look doable and so cute! I made a list of baby DIY projects I wanted to do when I was pregnant with Eli, and then I was put on bed rest and did none of them 🙁 SO I better get started on these just in case! Have you tried any of these? Or any project like these? Any easy and fun DIY projects for a baby you would recommend? I’m all ears!

We’re Having Another Baby!

Baby Hill number two is on their way, coming in mid-May! We are of course over the moon about it. Mother nature hit us with a ton of snow the day we set aside to take some photos, so we took a very brief few and then watched as Eli ran gleefully through the snow, and I couldn’t help but feel how truly blessed we are. So blessed and so happy we are going to be a family of four!

^I get to have another one of these! 🙂

GIVEAWAY with Little Sapling Toys! :: CLOSED

When I first started looking for wooden teething toys for Eli I was so pleased to find Little Sapling Toys. Not only are they well designed and totally in line with the aesthetic I love, but they are also eco-friendly, planting a tree for every toy purchased!

But here’s what I REALLY love: they have a teether in the shape of Alaska! We are nothing if not full of Alaska pride over here, so it was a must have. And we love it, and Eli loves it! Chewing on South East Alaska is his favorite. (Maybe he’s chomping at the bit to go there?! *worst pun ever somebody stop me!)

The Little Sapling Toys instagram feed has been featuring their state teethers in the #littlesaplingstates hashtag and it’s so fun to follow! *Here are some of the examples:

Fun fact: Eli was going to be born in Idaho, but we ditched out to Alaska at 36 weeks. How cute is the Idaho teether? I may need one for him all the same

So do you have state pride baby fever yet? Well today is your lucky day because I have teamed up with Little Sapling Toys to giveaway a state teether of your choice to one of you lucky readers! Just make sure you follow my blog on bloglovin, visit Little Sapling Toys, and comment below letting me know what state teether you would choose!

Also, visit my instagram for an extra entry option! Giveaway ends Friday, August 1st at 8:00pm MST. Winner will be announced on the blog. Good luck!

*Alaska teether photo by me, all other teether photos courtesy of Little Sapling Toys


Our winner this time came from an instagram entry:

Congrats Amanda! Send me an email to annehilldesign (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize!


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014”

Maybe one of my new favorite photos of you because it’s documenting you in my arms. You’re such a big boy and I know these moments holding you in my arms will be fleeting. Actually, they already are fleeting as you are always anxious to be on the move. But I still have the old nursing trick up my sleeve. Works every time. 


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014”

I know this is blurry and from my cell phone but I just have to post it because “Heyyy girl!” haha you kept posing like this as we fed you dinner this week and it was just too funny! Glad I was able to sneak a stealth shot. 

12 months

I can’t believe we are on our last one of these! It’s been fun but getting photos of him these days is hard, especially trying to get him to lay down. So farewell month by month!
When we went to his one year check up I got this line twice, “Wait… one year? This should be a two year check right?” Ummm nope he’s just such a big boy! A toddler in every respect and I love running around with him. He love’s to play chase and it makes him laugh so hard when we chase him around the house. Sometimes he falls to the ground with laughter! (Especially when Dan chases him.)
He’s forsaken puffs for cheerios, and is doing better and better with solids each day. He still spits out chunks here and there, but we persist with giving him more texture. Sometimes he just sticks his tongue out of his mouth and pulls the chunks off with his fingers, which kills me! And sometimes he will keep a chunk of food in his mouth for like an hour unbeknownst to me. So really there’s no science to it haha
He hadn’t been around any animals in a long while, so I was surprised when we visited Alaska how into the dogs he was. He loved them! I think love might even be an understatement. Anyways you can see and decide for yourself HERE.
Has four teeth and hates having them brushed. 
Eli has a few little toys that play music and he is all about them these days. He carries around this little music box and dances next to his musical elephant. I’m not even mad about the annoying music because the time free from the total home destruction is worth it! He has the funniest little baby dance moves where he stomps his feet and bounces up and down, bobbing his head. I could watch it all day!
It’s crazy to me the next big developmental thing for Eli is talking! He blows us away with how well he can imitate our sounds. Plus all the funny sounds he makes on his own keep us cracking up on the regular. Not to mention keep me videoing him all the time on my phone. I have a serious iPhone memory problem on the regular. 
Basically if I could bottle him up and save him forever at one year I would because he is so cute and so fun and we are just loving it!
Now humor me as I wax nostalgic and look at how much he’s grown. *cue the tears* 

Happy Birthday To Eli!

Today my baby is one year old. I can hardly believe it. For the past two weeks I’ve been feeling really sentimental and a bit emotional about how fast he is growing. Then last evening on the eve of his birthday, I took him to his room to nurse him before bed. He was curled up in my lap, breathing so slowly and his little hand was place so gently on my chest. I looked down at him and thought how he looked like such a baby. These days I am always thinking about how much of a little man he is and how fast he is growing. But there in my arms, falling asleep, was my little baby, sweet as can be. My heart was so full and content. It made me think of the words from Love You Forever,

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”

I can’t even read that book without tearing up, talk about an emotional mother.

To my Eli,

You will always be my baby, and I love you so. Thank you for making me a mama and giving me joy beyond compare. Happy first birthday!

#Alt Summit believes every mother counts