2016 One Second a Day Video

At the start of 2016 one of my resolutions was to take move videos of our family. I decided to try the one second a day app, and this project has been one of my favorite things of the year! It helped me to take way more than just a second of video a day and capture so many sweet memories of my family. I will forever be grateful we started doing this and cannot wait to continue in the future.

This year Dan got his Masters, we moved from Calgary, AB back to Anchorage, AK, we found out we are having another baby! I love that I can see it all in a little video just over 6 minutes. We would mash the clips together throughout the year and watch in awe at how everyone was changing. We recorded adventures, way too many videos of the kids (and not enough of mama), and bath time is clearly my go to video time.

Goodbye 2016! You were a good one.

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