Here’s Why in 2015 I’m Giving Myself a Break

Hey 2015, nice to see you!

This year like every year I’ve got plans to sit down and make some goals. I have to admit, last year’s list was lofty for me and I am happy to say I accomplished a lot of them! I ran a half marathon, I started a business, I was pregnant and growing our family! Such exciting stuff. I also experienced loss, and failure, and tough times that I didn’t know how to wade through.

As I waded through the tough times I realized how hard I was being on myself for little things. Like the house that just wasn’t getting cleaned, or the photos that were just never being uploaded, the toddler who watched tv multiple times in a day because I was so sick, etc. etc.

So this year, before I make all the plans and all the goals, I’m making one big all encompassing goal:


This year is going to be busy, with moves, and having a brand new baby, and stints of being a single mother, and I know they are coming. I know I’ll have wonderful and amazing moments, mixed with moments of struggle and trials, and I want to prepare myself ahead of time. I want me to know it’s okay!

I’m going to try my best, and work my butt off, and I’m also going to have days where I can’t even remember when I last washed my hair, and I’m so tired my eyes will hurt. It’s okay. It’s okay to cry! It’s okay to stay in pajamas all day. It’s okay if you don’t make an amazing dinner. It’s okay.

So that’s it! Plain and simple. I want to give myself more of a break this year. I think we (especially women) expect so much of ourselves that we hurt ourselves in the long run if we don’t break away from them every once in a while. So my goal is to try to give myself a break, be a littler nicer to me!

I hope you all had a great New Years! 2015 is going to be such an exciting year! Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Here’s Why in 2015 I’m Giving Myself a Break

  1. Anne, this is perfect. I think I spend about 80% of my day being angry at myself for all the things I haven't got done, instead of just enjoying the time with my baby, reflecting on the good I have achieved (starting a business isn't easy – I hear ya) and just sometimes, taking it easy. It's not possible to do it all and nobody expects it. You are an inspiration – especially as I haven't even had a to battle with a toddler and pregnancy too! I honestly don't know how you do it. I love this post and I need to make an effort to stop and think about it too x

  2. congratulations on all your successes last year! you are clearly a strong woman to accomplish so much despite enduring tougher moments. that said, you are smart to honor your limits and embrace the little things. especailly now, navigating the tricky water of toddlerhood whilst expecting another little one so soon. cheers to an exciting new year!

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