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I learned about FashionABLE when I attended Alt Summit and they are just one of those companies who speaks to me. They create beautiful products, and by doing so provide jobs for women in Africa. I couldn’t state it better than their mission statement, so here it is:
FashionABLE teamed up with Alt Summit for a scarf design contest, and the top designs are up for vote! I’m kind of in love with all three, but a winner has to be chosen. Go HERE to vote for your favorite and to create sustainable business for women in Ethiopia! Voting closes at midnight CST on Wednesday 8/20 (TODAY!) Then go join me in drooling over the Mamuye bag! (insert all the heart eye emoji’s here)
Which one did you vote for?!

One thought on “FashionABLE + Alt

  1. I'm loving scarf #1! That indigo color is gorgeous. Any company that's mission is to empower women, I can get on board with! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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