Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I am here to admit that I am horrible at printing out photos. I capture all these memories that I love and am totally guilty of leaving them in the digital world. Enter Chatbooks. Chatbooks is an app that allows to to print your Instagram feed. 60 page photo books for $6! Every time you hit another 60 photos on Instagram they automatically print your next book, it's the most convenient subscription service! We are totally in love with our books. Dan and I sat down on Sunday pouring over them, laughing at old memories and gushing over newborn Eli captured in these books. 

And great news, I've got a Chatbooks discount code for you! You can get your first book of three FREE with Chatbooks when you use the code HILLS1. Now go forth and get those awesome photos out of the digital world and into your hands!


  1. Wow this looks really cool. The only thing is that I post the dumbest crap on Instagram haha. I'll look into it though. I do those SnapFish picture books each year but they FOREVER to put together!

    1. Within the app you can deselect photos you don't want in your books, if that's the case. It's quite brilliant!

  2. i've heard so much about chatboks lately. i really want to make some, it's the perfect idea & they look SO nice & cheap! thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for sharing!!! I'm an avid "photobooker." But they take forever to put together and design etc. I love that you can do custom books too, for the bigger projects. Awesome.

  4. This is such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing this.


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