Monday, July 21, 2014

I've become a total pinterest addict again of late. I'm going to try to use it to do some of my own actual projects, but it's also just been inspiring, and let's be honest, fun when you're tired and laying in bed with your phone in your hand... (#momconfessions)

Anyways! I want some more awesome inspiration and would love to follow all of you. So leave your pinterest profile in the comments so we can follow each other asap! You can find me HERE. Ready, set, GO leave yours! Extra bonus for me if you leave some links to some other profiles you love for each pins and inspiration. 


  1. I love Pinterest but sometimes I forget about it... so then I binge and go on it for hours! My profile is Laurasaur28!

  2. I used to use Pinterest all the time but not so much anymore. Topher's not as into crafts as he used to be, maybe that's why! My profile is scattered_words

  3. Can't believe I don't already follow you on Pinterest!! Just fixed that. :) xo ( I'm )

  4. pinterest is really the best. i think i love wasting time on there a little tooo much! & i love finding new people to follow!

  5. so gorgoeus! love ur pinterest x

    Natalie Off Duty

  6. followed you!

  7. Love it! I am now following along :)
    My profile name on there is: kellyrash <3

  8. Oh I know what your are talking about! The world of perfect images - Pinterest can be indeed addictive;) Love your collages;)




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