Alt Summit Summer 2014 Recap

Alt Summit, what a whirlwind! It was a bit ago now but I just haven’t had the time to do my thoughts and feelings on it justice like I wanted too. I still probably don’t, but I wanted to get my main take-aways down and share some fun stuff with you all!

First off, the classes were really great. So informative, and full of details that I came to Alt to learn. 
I really enjoyed the key note sessions at Alt Summer 2014. I was so excited when I first learned Joy Cho would be giving the opening keynote. I love her blog and designs, and her new super cute baby bump!

Joy shared her journey through life, blogging, design, and gave some great tips along the way. Here’s five things to remember/do Joy shared with us that I felt were so important:
1) You are not JUST a blogger
2) Figure out what YOU want to do
3) Research ways to get there
4) Knock on every (virtual) door
5) Do something that scares you!
I feel like #5 in that list was something that kept jumping out at me in every alt talk, class, lesson. So here is my #1 take away from Alt Summit:
Joy shared this quote in her talk and it really struck a chord with me. Being surrounded by so many creative and successful people really made me want to go after my dreams, which means doing new things, doing (sometimes) scary things!
If you didn’t know from me talking about it like all the time, the other keynote speaker was Martha Stewart. MARTHAAA! She’s so successful, so smart, and self made. I loved hearing her interview and I have a lot to say about it, so I’ll probably be writing a post all about it because… I. Heart. Martha!

Here’s the other thing about Alt, the parties are amazing! 
The first night was sponsor dinner parties and I was lucky enough to get to party with BingLet me tell you, you did not have to search far to find awesome at this party! It was put on by The Alison Show, who I love! She really knows how to throw an awesome party, and is just as funny, nice, and hilarious in person as she seems online. The party was catered by Chow Truck, which was dang good, and held at the Jessica Peterson Photography Studio. I loved that it was at the studio so we could all roam around, mingle, dance, take pictures, and have a blast! 

*photo by Jessica Angel @ohsoantsy

Had an awesome time meeting all these ladies!

Wednesday night food truck party in the park. To be honest I could have eaten only swig cookies for the night and been blissfully happy 😉

Then last but not least, the amazing garden party! By the last day of Alt I was really burned out from the busy schedule (combined with one year old who just wasn’t sleeping at night/waking up at 5am) so I feel like I was in a daze for this one. But, it was so lovely, a picture perfect garden party and great farewell to the week, as you can see below. 
I met so many great people and am finally making the time to go through all my business cards this weekend (I know, I know) so expect some cyber stalking on my part. Thanks Alt!
*All photos by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit unless otherwise noted

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  1. This had to be an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing what you learned and pictures of just how gorgeous this thing is. And….MARTHA! That's so rad! That bit of advice about doing something you've never done…that's good. Definitely easier said than done, which is probably what makes it true. I'll try to put that into practice, too. -Misty

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