Taking Stock 04

Making: myself a blog editorial calendar, wish me luck!
Cooking: burgers on the grill tonight, yessss
Drinking: all the water I can force down my throat
Reading: over my alt summit notes to figure out what I want to recap
Wanting: the teeth Eli has coming through to get it over with already
Looking: forward to our Alaska trip next month 
Playing: outside as much as possible 
Watching: the Harry Potter movies in order for the past month… 
Sewing: a patch on some pants Eli’s ALREADY worn the butt out on
Wishing: I could go back to Utah and play with friends and family for longer
Enjoying: the beautiful sunshine 
Waiting: for my tomato and pepper plants to start producing 
Liking: that Dan’s been leaving for school a bit later in the morning lately 
Wondering: if it will be so weird not being in America for 4th of July 
Loving: that Eli is kinda giving real hugs now! Arms around the shoulders, head on shoulder, heaven.
Hoping: I can get all the to do’s I’ve been stacking up on a list done
Marvelling: at how quick Eli learns. Kid climbs up on the couch like a pro now
Needing: time to slow down! It’s almost July, what?!
Smelling: the lilac bushes
Wearing: my converse shoes every dang day now
Following: my new alt friends on alllll the social medias 
Noticing: how many freckles I have when the sun has been on my face 
Knowing: I have the best husband in the world 
Thinking: about going and getting some lunch 
Bookmarking: my blog feature on the Calgary Stampede Blog! HERE
Opening: my front door to find a little herb plant from a local politician. Thanks, I can’t vote in Canada but I love plants!
Giggling: when we let Eli run around naked outside
Feeling: so busy, so happy, so blessed 

9 thoughts on “Taking Stock 04

  1. converse never dies!
    i wish J.K Rowling write another book of Harry Potter. I was so so so so so sad when i read the last page of the last book and watched the last movie. gah,,

  2. Beautiful photos! We totally let our kids run around naked outside – but only in my in-laws' backyard, because it's fenced and nobody can see them 😀 Topher would go everywhere naked if we let him!!!

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