We Have a Walker

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I love writing this stuff down so I can look back at it later. So I can tell Eli, you took your first real steps on Friday, February 21st!

We were Facetiming with my parents and they were just asking about when I thought he would be walking. I said, oh it'll probably be a bit longer I think, maybe in a month or so. Less than a minute later I was showing them Eli's awesome balancing skills, and then he took 4 steps to walk to me! We all exclaimed and my parents were cheering and clapping and Eli looked so proud of himself he took some steps a few more times. I tried to stop him a bit so he could save that precious baby strength to show Dan who was on his way home. We got him to do a couple little steps between Dan and I and it was off to bed.

I was amazed, astonished, happy, and sad all in one with this milestone! Then I thought it might take awhile for him to really get the hang of it anyways. Some nice consolations thoughts for my mama heart. Flash to the next day, I'm doing laundry so I go downstairs to put a load in, come back up, and Eli is walking out of my bedroom where I had left him. Arms in the air, smile on his face, toddling along. That's the same day I took this video, and he hasn't stopped since. He's got it down, he knows it, and he's so proud of himself. So hey, we have a walker! Now the trouble fun really begins (as I'm told).


  1. He is so big!!!! Ahh congrats on the big first moment!

    I know you follow me on Bloglovin', so I just wanted to update you that my url changed (and like a dummy), I forgot to post it BEFORE I moved my blog to a new URL- so when I sent out the update no one already following me could see it... ugh.

    So FYI, I'm now permanently at www.haveashley.com, and I have a link posted in the most recent post if you'd like to refollow through Bloglovin'. New layout and content is pending, but I wanted to be sure my friends actually see it (so embarrassing!)

    Thanks for your support and understanding with the hiccups in the change!

  2. Congrats!! That video is too sweet.

  3. That is the cutest darn video that I ever did see. Congratulations Eli! You are a big boy now :)

  4. So exciting! And so amazing/awesome that your parents were able to unexpectedly experience it with you -- serendipity!

  5. Alright….get ready for the time of your lives!!! and no sitting through church for the next million months;) such a cutie pie! Lucky grandparents.

  6. ahhh that is SO exciting & forever will be so busy now! i'm looking forward to/dreading the day ... !

  7. that video is adorable! that is not much cuter than a little baby learning to walk!


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