I’ve been thinking what I want to focus on for the New Year, or what goals I should have. I always choose these lofty goals, a long list, and it’s too complicated. I do some of it, I don’t do some of it, but mostly it’s forgotten by February. It’s not that I’m not working on things, but there’s always something new to do, right? Always something new to aspire to, and what I really want to do is focus on right now. Live in the moment. Enjoy every last second of now. Be happy, now! I want to enjoy playing for hours on the floor with Eli instead of worrying that I need to get x,y,&z done. I want to savor that moment when the baby is finally asleep and Dan and I get to lay down on the couch together in the evening. Now is the best time to enjoy things. Now is the best time to accomplish things. *An old proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” Now is the best time to start something new. So, now, is my focus for 2014.

*got this from here, along with other great things to ponder!

4 thoughts on “NOW

  1. Well said. I've always thought that on my deathbed I won't look back and wish my house was cleaner, I weighed 10 pounds less, etc. Moments with my husband and son should not be taken by goals that won't matter years (or even months) from now. Happy New Year!

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