8 Months

Eli is eight months old! He hit the milestones hard this past month.

He is officially crawling now. At night we sit at opposite sides of the room and let him crawl back and forth between our laps. When he crawls into my lap, it’s just the sweetest thing. I love it so much!

This little boy is a tireless explorer! My days are spent chasing him around our apartment now. Once he could crawl, he hit the ground running. He is constantly discovering new things, like every book in our bookshelf, or to my dismay, the toilet. He knows where his toy bins are and loves to crawl over to it, tip it over, and pull every last thing out of there to play with. He is so much fun these days and Dan and I just love getting to play with him. 
What baby explorer would be complete without the ability to pull themselves up on everything? If he can grab it, he will use it to pull himself up on. Including any appendage on our bodies, legs, arms, hair. He started pulling himself up on his crib, so down to the lowest setting possible it went. Which he hates btw. The first week we changed it he woke up every. single. time. we put him in the crib. We are still working on it.

Thinks it’s hilarious when you raise your eyebrows up and down.

Loves it when we clap. He get’s so happy and it’s so cute!

Has the best sleepy grump face when he wakes up from a nap. His eyes are all squinty and he just scowls for a couple minutes. Sometimes he’s been sleeping on his hands and he has the funniest imprints of his fingers on his face. I’ve got a pretty good number of pictures of that on my phone now haha. 

Teething. I was not prepared for teething. Poor baby was pretty miserable. But, that tooth, it’s just breeched the surface. So I tired getting a picture, but it was impossible. Actually getting Eli to hold still for photos these days is nigh impossible. He’s just a blur!
Even with serious sleep deprivation during his teething, all it takes is a smile from him in the morning, and my heart melts, and I can’t help but be so in love and feel so lucky to be his mama.

3 thoughts on “8 Months

  1. Aww, so adorable! I love putting together monthly recap posts on my kids (next one goes up tomorrow!), and I love how you've put your series together. And boy oh boy do I remember those newly-mobile days. Both of my girls started crawling around 9 or 10 months and didn't take their first steps until they were nearly one; it was another month or so after that until they were walking with any semblance of grace. My son, however, went straight from being a blob that could roll over to walking — at 7 months old! Out of nowhere one day he stood up and took his first steps and has been on the go ever since. I swear, I'm putting him in gymnastics as soon as he's old enough!

  2. adorable!!!! just you wait until he is walking and getting in to things you couldn't possibly imagine! i walked in to the kitchen the other day and wesley had managed to open the cupboard, pull out his crackers and get in to the box and was successfully eating one by the time i got there ha! at 15 months!

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