4 Things

1. These burgers we made from this Pioneer Woman recipe. They will light your fire and are so so good. They may need to make a reappearance around the Super Bowl.

2. These baby shoes I thrifted for Eli, and then he had a crazy foot growth spurt and in a week they didn’t fit anymore. 🙁

3. The photos from our trip to Lake Louise I can’t wait to share on the blog but haven’t had the time to upload etc. due to a teething baby. Come on tooth, just pop out already!

4. This. All day everyday. Except I swear I put him in clothes sometimes…

6 thoughts on “4 Things

  1. oh lordy…TEETH! they are killing us over here. this post being up and amazing wee boots thrifted + homemade burgers?! i reckon you are kicking the pearly white nightmares butt! xx

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