4 Things

Monday, January 27, 2014

1. These burgers we made from this Pioneer Woman recipe. They will light your fire and are so so good. They may need to make a reappearance around the Super Bowl.

2. These baby shoes I thrifted for Eli, and then he had a crazy foot growth spurt and in a week they didn't fit anymore. :(

3. The photos from our trip to Lake Louise I can't wait to share on the blog but haven't had the time to upload etc. due to a teething baby. Come on tooth, just pop out already!

4. This. All day everyday. Except I swear I put him in clothes sometimes...


  1. that burger look delicious!
    my boy has the same rocking moose! too cute

  2. Love your blog, such gorgeous photos…glad to be following along!

  3. oh lordy...TEETH! they are killing us over here. this post being up and amazing wee boots thrifted + homemade burgers?! i reckon you are kicking the pearly white nightmares butt! xx

  4. Stunning photos! and seriously, the best thing about living in Az is that it's half-naked diaper babies all year long! except my babies are getting past that baby stage:(

  5. Those shoes!! Possibly reason enough to have another baby! ;)

  6. ah those shoes! that is so sad! wes has been rockin a similar pair all winter now, will be so sad when he grows out of them, i get so many comments!


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