We’ve Arrived in Calgary!

We are officially moved to Canada now! I’ve actually been here for a couple weeks now but no time like the present to catch up on blogging and our new city. We have been busy finding a place to live, getting new foreign bank accounts, new phones, and getting used to the new quirks that come with moving somewhere new. 
If we talked at all in the month proceeding the move, I’m sure I mentioned how terrified I was to fly alone with Eli and a million bags. He is usually such a calm baby, but I had myself convinced he would hate the plane and be upset and that I wouldn’t be able to care for him well, and that everyone on the airplane would hate me. Welllll, that was a bit dramatic and he did really well! 
We flew over night but due to the excitement that is airport security, Eli was wide awake as our flight took off at 1am. I was delighted that when the man sitting next to me took his seat he said, “I have a little boy just like this little guy,” and gave Eli a big smile! Whew! We chatted about our babies and Eli dealt out dimply smiles before everyone on the plane but me fell asleep. Fun fact about the guy next to me. He was a burly 6′ 6” and I was short on space, and when he fell asleep he was allll over the place, bobbing and flailing arms and the like. Usually on an airplane I would have been super annoyed, but I was just so thankful to be sitting next to someone who liked babies I didn’t even care how much of my seat space he took up. 
My heavy luggage
I wore Eli around the airport during our layover and used our little umbrella stroller to carry my super heavy carry on bags. Definitely the way to go in my opinion. Our second flight from Seattle to Calgary was pretty short, and Eli made friends with everyone around us on the flight. I can’t speak highly enough of the people on the flight who helped me with my bags in the narrow isles and told me what a good baby Eli was. Even the people who thought he was a girl, haha! Do people dress baby girls in football onesies?! Whatever, they thought “she” did great on the flight… so ya know beggars can’t be choosers with compliments. 
Oh and did I mention that flight was like a flight seeing tour? Well it was beautiful!
Immigration went smoothly and we were able to get the paperwork we needed to be on Dan’s student permit without troubles. Could it really be this easy? No. No it could not. I don’t know why we didn’t think of it, but baggage claim is before customs, and I had to get my extra heavy bags off the carousel, then handle a luggage cart full of bags, a car seat, a stroller, and a baby strapped to my chest. I was beyond frustrated and beyond tired, and shed more than a few tears by the time I got to Dan on the other side of customs. But we made it! Hurray we made it and were back together again!
We are so happy to be here in Calgary and are ready to explore, and of course get settled. 
Well said Target. We’ll work on it!

12 thoughts on “We’ve Arrived in Calgary!

  1. It must be so overwhelming moving with a baby, and not only that, moving to a new country! Can't wait to read more about your new adventures! I'm sure you will just love Canada!! 🙂
    xo TJ

  2. Welcome!! I am happy your trip went well. I get frustrated enough travelling with my big baby (the boyfriend, haha). Your little guy made it look like a breeze! If you have any Alberta questions feel free to ask me!

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