26 Weeks: Truths

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Baby boy is the size of a head of lettuce and working on adding baby fat. That chub is important!

My hips have never popped a day in their life, but the other morning rolling this body out of bed I popped both and it.was.weird!

I caved to french fry cravings…

Taking shoes on and off is hard. I usually opt for lay on the couch and have Dan pull the boots of my feet when the option presents itself. (Come to think of it I did that prior to being pregnant anyways…)

I’ve worn leggings for 2 weeks straight to work. Apparently I’ve thrown dressing professionally out the window. I figure any man I work with would be too afraid to tell the pregnant lady to dress differently.

Speaking of working with men. I work in an almost all male work place. 100 + men, 4 women. Please men, save yourselves. No woman ever wants pregnancy advice from you. “Yeah my wife had a baby 2 years ago so I know exactly what you are going through.” Really? I think not!

My skin thinks I’m 15 again. (Think horrible teen acne, not youthful and nice)

I wore my sunglasses on the top of my head for a good 5-10min while working out at the gym. Just plain forgot they were up there…

I wish I had another ultra sound, or the good sense to record mine with a cell phone cause I just wanna see my little guy again!

7 thoughts on “26 Weeks: Truths

  1. Isn't it all so exciting! Love your little bump. I'm just at the beginning of week 36 and I absolutely can't wait to meet my little person (no idea if it's a boy or girl). I have definitely just reached the stage now where I'm getting a little over being pregnant. It has been such an amazing experience though. All the best for the rest of yours :). x

  2. You are the cutest pregnant woman ever!!! So stylish, and you really know how to rock the baby bump!! Congrats and the little man– and tell those coworker men of yours to shut up! Lol

    PS- Cute blog, I'm your newest follower!! 🙂

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