Survival Mode

Monday, August 25, 2014

When Dan is out of town for field work the sweat pants come out and the diet coke is being poured much earlier in the morning than I'd like to admit. I go into this weird survival mode that's probably not wholly necessary, even if I have my hands full with what I've deemed to be the most active toddler ever. Some days questioning my ability to even have multiple children in the future. Whoa whoa I know calm down over dramatic Anne (but you guys he's teething too!)

After a rough day at church yesterday I read this quote on a friends IG feed "you're making it difficult for me to be the parent I always imagined myself to be." And I laughed out loud! This toddler business, with the newly discovered how to throw and tantrum, and the saying "no" to everything, it gives me a run for my money. It also gives me some of the sweetest and most cherished moments of my life! I'm really trying hard to focus on those when it's 6:00 and there is stuff ALL OVER my house and I'm thinking, how many hours till bed time?

So sweat pants are my jam right now. I mean, it means I've made it out of pj's at least! Who else is digging the straight leg sweat pant trend? It make me feel slightly more legitimate about wearing them so much! They just called to me from the Target clearance rack, and you know when that rack calls, you answer. 

Straight leg sweat pants: Target
Shoes: Converse
Top: F21
Sunnies: c/o Firmoo


Sunday, August 24, 2014

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Dan recently started tying aprons on Eli to be mini sized and I basically die every. time. it happens. Also, who needs toys when there are wooden spoons to be had? No baby I tell you. Need a new toy to keep you interested? Oh, here's a whisk, measuring cup, spoon, what have you. And he is so dang happy! Running around and squealing in delight. Cutest dang chef there ever was!

FashionABLE + Alt

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I learned about FashionABLE when I attended Alt Summit and they are just one of those companies who speaks to me. They create beautiful products, and by doing so provide jobs for women in Africa. I couldn't state it better than their mission statement, so here it is:

FashionABLE teamed up with Alt Summit for a scarf design contest, and the top designs are up for vote! I'm kind of in love with all three, but a winner has to be chosen. Go HERE to vote for your favorite and to create sustainable business for women in Ethiopia! Voting closes at midnight CST on Wednesday 8/20 (TODAY!) Then go join me in drooling over the Mamuye bag! (insert all the heart eye emoji's here)

Which one did you vote for?!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I am here to admit that I am horrible at printing out photos. I capture all these memories that I love and am totally guilty of leaving them in the digital world. Enter Chatbooks. Chatbooks is an app that allows to to print your Instagram feed. 60 page photo books for $6! Every time you hit another 60 photos on Instagram they automatically print your next book, it's the most convenient subscription service! We are totally in love with our books. Dan and I sat down on Sunday pouring over them, laughing at old memories and gushing over newborn Eli captured in these books. 

And great news, I've got a Chatbooks discount code for you! You can get your first book of three FREE with Chatbooks when you use the code HILLS1. Now go forth and get those awesome photos out of the digital world and into your hands!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014"

A rare glimpse of this sleeping babe! Usually he wakes at the sound of the door opening, no matter how quiet it is, and light in the room, forget about it! But we had to wake him early for a trip last week, so we thought the slow open the blinds method would be best, and I was able to sneak a photo. He's just the sweetest! 

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