Spring Classics for Bumbelou Collaboration


I’m so excited to share my latest collaboration with you! I teamed up with Jenna from Bumbelou for their curated collection project and designed this beautiful set of hair bows!


I wanted to design something that would celebrate Spring but that would also be timeless. I love the neutral grey stripe bow as the perfect accessory to go with any outfit.


The mini roses as the perfect little accent to add to any ensemble. I wish I had known about them when I had first had Isabelle because they’re absolutely perfect! Not too big, not too small, and just the cutest little flower with little sage green leaves.



Not only are these hair bows the cutest, but 10% of all Bumbelou profits are given to Compassion International, one of the highest-ranked leading non-profits in the world.

The set is a limited time collection available this week only! From March 28th to April 3rd and available to purchase HERE. If you use the code: SAVEWITHANNE you can get 10% off your order!

Easter Dresses for Your Little One

Can you believe Easter is already next week? It’s not too late to get the perfect Easter Sunday outfits for you little ones if you haven’t already! I’m loving every second of getting to pick out girly stuff this year for Isabelle, so I’m sharing my favorite picks with you here!

Four Reasons Your Baby Needs Freshly Picked Moccasins


I’ve shared about Freshly Picked here on the blog multiple times but today I wanted to expound on my reasons a bit, and why they should be reasons for you too!

1) They’re freaking cute

There is no denying how adorable these look on little baby feet! From tiny newborn to walking toddler they are just so cute! There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from, and Freshly Picked is always coming out with new releases, each better than the next. They have classic neutrals, bold colors, and shiny metallics, basically anything your heart could desire. I’ve loved them for both my boy and girl.

2) They actually stay on your baby’s feet!

Ain’t nobody got time to be searching a parking lot or grocery store for shoe’s that have fallen off your kids feet. We just don’t! I remember doing this for Eli as a baby and thinking “THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!” Enter Freshly Picked moccasins. They stay on better than any other shoe I’ve tried for my kids. Even the crib moccasins which are meant for newborns stay on! I had them for Izze and loved them, and bonus, those fit her feet for more than three months.

3) They’re easy for kids to walk in

When your baby is first learning to walking it can be a wobbly experience at best. When they’re cruising around outside and you’re terrified they’re going to eat it, you don’t need some shoe with a giant rubber sole to make things harder on them. The soft leather of Freshly Picked soft sole moccasins make it easier for your baby to feel the ground when they’re walking. Eli started walking when he was 9.5 months old and I was dying over it, new mom totally nervous dying. It gave me extra comfort to see him walking around easily in his moccasins. Plus, I love how their foot print gets left in the sole of the shoe. I’ve kept Eli’s first walking pair as a keepsake. Now that Izze is on her way to cruising I’m glad to know she’s got the shoes that won’t hold her back.
4) Quality over quantity

You might be thinking, these are all great things, but these shoes are a little expensive. Here’s the deal though. I really don’t need my baby to have 20 different pairs of shoes. I actually don’t even really need my baby having 5 different pairs of shoes. (Although see point 1, they’re so cute I kind of wish we had 5 different pairs of these shoes!) We like to keep things simple and minimal, one to two pairs of shoes for each kid. When I have a shoe that is cute, actually stays on their feet, easy to walk in, and quality made with quality materials, I don’t need to buy a bunch of sub par shoes. For me I’m saving money not buying a bunch of cheaper shoes.

So that’s the low down on our favorite baby shoes! Go check them out!


Lake Minnewanka – Our First Outing with Izze

These photos are from our first real outing as a family of four after Izze was born. We wanted to get some fresh air in the mountains so we headed out to one of our favorite places in Banff, Lake Minnewanka. It’s not a long walk from where you park to the lake, so it’s great for letting a toddler roam and get out their wiggles. Plus, once you’re down to the lake there are endless amounts of rocks to be thrown in the water. Eli was in heaven! It was nice to see him so cheerful and in his element after such a huge change with a new baby in the house. He looked so cute in his little backpack he had just gotten for his second birthday. I think he wanted to pack all the rocks home in it. 
Izze stayed fast asleep wrapped to mama and I enjoyed those delicious newborn baby snuggles while we roamed the lake side with Eli. We took to the trail and did a very minimal amount of hiking because snack time waits for no man. We had some snacks and made our way back to the car because Eli was getting tired and Izze was starting to wake. I nursed Izze in the car and we pulled double diaper changing duty out of the back of the Subaru. It was the perfect mini adventure for our first outing with two kids. I think Dan and I may have joked about having survived it as we drove home, but really looking back I can’t remember feeling stressed about it. I’m so thankful for this sweet little family that are all mine. 
Wrap: Solly Baby – Giveaway HERE!

Solly Baby GIVEAWAY!

From day one with my first baby, the Solly Baby wrap has been one of the favorite and most used tools to take care of my baby. I love keeping my babies close enough to kiss, and this soft beautiful wrap is the best for that! It’s soft and stretchy and super easy to use. I can hardly believe how tiny Izze looks in this photo on our first outing as a family after her birth. She slept right through it all comfy cozy next to mama in the wrap.


I’ve been wanting to start sharing my baby favorites with you all, and today I’m so excited to say I’ve teamed up with Solly Baby to giveaway a wrap to one of you!

You can enter by visiting the Solly Baby shop and leaving a comment here on my blog with your favorite color wrap! You can also enter on Instagram (see this photo for details). Winner will be drawn and announced next Monday, good luck!

The Cutest Baby Dresses at Old Navy Right Now

The shopaholic in me can’t help but browse through baby clothes all the time even when we don’t need to buy things, so I figured I would start sharing things I love here from time to time. One of my biggest weaknesses is browsing the adorable baby dresses at Old Navy, so here are my favorite picks from there right now. The images above are linked so click a dress if you like it to get the details. I got Isabelle this Striped Empire waist dress and it’s so cute! (AND only $10) I’m kind of sad I ordered a size up because I want her to be able to wear it already. Anyways, happy browsing friends!

Hello 2016

It’s 21 days into the New Year, does that even qualify as “New Years” anymore? Have most people dropped their resolutions at this point? I feel like the gym is getting less crowded every day.

Anyways, WHO CARES?! 
It’s 2016! Hello 2016, it’s me, Anne. 
I have big plans for you. 2015 was actually fantastically great in a lot of ways (Isabelle’s birth I’m talking to you). It was also the year I gave myself a break. There was a new baby and a toddler very confused about the new baby, and moves, and time’s where my husband was gone for far too long, and it was hard. I needed to give myself a break last year. 
But this year is the year for me to get back to work! 
This is my year to get back into running and healthy eating and loose my baby weight. Which isn’t really all baby weight, it’s like 40% baby weight, 30% stress eating, 10% I couldn’t work out last pregnancy, and 20% went to chic-fil-a too many times when we lived in Texas for the summer. 
This is my year to get back into blogging and really record memories for myself and our little family. 
This is my year to read more books. To get back into designing more. To take care of myself. To focus on being a better mother and better wife. 
There are so many things I want to work on, and not because I want to glorify being busy or overwhelm myself, but because I want to better myself and more fully reach the potential that I have. And the best part is, I’m really excited about it! 
So, hello 2016, let’s do this!

Christmas Cards with Tiny Prints

I’m so excited to show you our Christmas cards this year! Our first card as a family of four and Isabelle’s first Christmas! Let me tell you, no one ever told me how dang difficult getting a family photo is with a two year old. But I absolutely love Tiny Prints‘ photo cards so persist I did!
I’m obsessed with everything plaid so Tiny Prints made my dreams come true with this card, and these matching plaid address labels. It’s from the Petite Alma collection for Tiny Prints. And these tree envelope liners just made it for me! It’s almost like I can overlook my toddler grimacing in the photo because the cards are just so so good. I was able to upload my photo right to the Tiny Prints website and browse the different designs with our own photo in them to see what I liked best.
I can’t wait to walk to the mailbox in the snow with Eli and let him send the cards off! I think snail mail is magical and I know he will think it’s so fun to mail them to our family. Having little ones make each part of the holidays that much better! If you’re looking to get some holiday cards I would highly recommend Tiny Prints because they have great designs, great quality paper, and great customer service (the Christmas card trifecta!).

*save up to 40% with code 40SWDEC until 12/13!

And now for fun, here are some outtakes from our super quick photo session for our Christmas card. I  knew we needed to make it fast because Eli basically holds still for no man. It was an above freezing day which I was considering an early victory. We drove to the park across the street from our house because I knew the short walk would push the kids into the nap time zone. I set up the tripod and hailed Dan and the kids over for photos and Eli instantly started whining about how cold his hands were, cue not wanting to take any photos. Of course after 5 minutes when I gave up, he ran off to play in the snow, what?! Toddlers man.

trying to fix the hand problem
 this face
 get off me mom
+this post is in partnership with Tiny Prints but all opinions are my own

The Friends Fan Guide to The Thanksgiving Episodes

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Day everyone! That’s a thing. Around these parts it’s the day where pie is made and we marathon the Friends Thanksgiving episodes because there’s just nothing better to get me excited to tomorrow! As I pulled out my trusty sticky note from my Friends dvd’s listing all the episodes I thought it would be fun to share for all my fellow Friends fans. And for all my old school fans with the dvd’s as well, they are always on disk two, you’re welcome 😉 you know before Netflix went amazing and got all the seasons. If you have Netflix and haven’t watched them all, might I suggest that for your next binge. So without further ado, Friends Thanksgiving index, guide, go.

Season 1 “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”
episode 9
favorite moment: Chandler style Thanksgiving food saves the day

Season 2 “The One with the List”
episode 8
*disclaimer: this season didn’t do a “real” Thanksgiving episode so this one is the closest it gets
favorite moment: mocklate

Season 3 “The One with the Football”
episode 9
favorite moment: what the actual Geller Cup looks like

Season 4 “The One with Chandler in a Box”
episode 8
favorite moment: Monica’s eye patch

Season 5 “The One with All the Thanksgivings”
episode 8
favorite moment: when Monica brings a baby carrot to the hospital instead of Chandler’s toe
*MOISTMAKER BONUS: “The One with Ross’ Sandwich” Season 5 episode 9 

Season 6 “The One Where Ross Got High”
episode 9
favorite moment: Beef in the trifle

Season 7 “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”
episode 8
favorite moment: how Ross just can’t remember all 50 States

Season 8 “The One with the Rumor”
episode 8
favorite moment: Brad Pitt everything and Joey’s “meat sweats”

Season 9 “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister”
episode 8
favorite moment: Rachel and Amy’s girl fight

Season 10 “The One with the Late Thanksgiving”
episode 8
favorite moment: Joey’s head stuck in the door

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!